Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gee whiz, I hate how blogger loads my images backwards. Start from the bottom and work up.

Here are some roughs of a comic I am working on. Poor Mary Maloney, her husband is such a jerk, if I was preggo and he was trying to leave me I'd crush his skull with a frozen lamb leg as well.

Here's a little sketchy sketch I did of Irene Gallo while she was speaking at Ringling last week. Her and Gregory Manchess were our visiting artists last week and it was really amazing hearing their words. They were both very witty and very knowledgeable, we were very fortunate to hear them! While I was watching Gregory Manchess present, it inspired me to start oil painting again. I have illustrated anything with oils since last semester and have been focusing on gouache (I'm sorry I only post sketchbook stuff) and digital but my next piece will be in oils. I'll have to post some of my oil figure work soon. I just suck at taking pictures of my pieces haha.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can't decide between blue or pink dresses....But here's a little painting I did of The Supremes.

This was about Sumo Wrestlers who have been smoking weed and getting in biiiig trouble! Bad Sumo!

Here's a little portrait of Edith Piaf

Friday, March 19, 2010

Modest Fashion 2010: Anna Sui



The hemlines are a bit high in church standards, but I'd like to believe on a normal human being, they would reach our knees.

photographer name?

I love the feel of these photos and I want to draw them but I feel like I wouldn't do them justice. Why can't ringling students take photos like these? (It'd made photo shows a lot more interesting)