Thursday, October 25, 2012

So I was plagiarized.

Apparently the Etsy seller Kristin Berry from NY (MBDWeddings) has plagiarized my wedding invite artwork. Normally I'd be flattered but I'm pissed that she's made money off of it. Also, it's my wedding invite so I would say the artwork is pretty special to me.
Now, when one of my creative managers approached me about the image, I kinda laughed it off because a couple holding hands isn't the most conceptually creative idea, but after I saw it, it's obvious all she did was flip our positions, make their face really ugly and smack a couple poorly designed balloons up top.
I've contacted the seller to remove the listing but she ignored me, so I've reported her to Etsy.

Also I apologized that I haven't posted any art recently. It's just so hard to do art all day then go home and make more art! But I will try to be better.....someday....