Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After being so good all day long and doing my homework (though I didn't complete my homework goal) I rewarded myself by allowing myself to draw for a few minutes before I went to sleep. Oh how lucky I am.

This is me and my silly ole boyfriend. We are both kinda nerdy and we like to play pokemon on our Nintendo DS's side by side. Hence the pokeball on his shirt.

School is out in a week and a half! Freedom to draw whatever I want, when I want!


  1. Cute! But it kind of looks like Ian is balding.

  2. Pokemon together? You too are adorable :)

  3. Hey girl Ian needs to be taller :)

  4. Kaitlyn, Ian's hairline is a little iffy. Just Jokine

    McKenna, thank you so much!

    Josie, when the heck did you make a blog!?